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One of the most off-putting things people experience when viewing properties, is a cluttered home. It is unappealing to viewers and seems to be difficult to look past. Rather than people feeling there is space to be worked with, they see the property as being too small to house everything….

The recent pandemic and the inability to go out, or go on holiday has meant many of us have spent more time buying things for our homes and adding desks/computer equipment to work from home. This has led to 73% of us living in homes that has now been taken over by clutter. In a recent survey by property platform Boomin, 34% of people asked, stated their home was half full with cluttered space. A staggering 27% said their homes contain a staggering 55 square metres of their property has been taken over by clutter. Only one in ten of us live a clutter free life  - yet we all have been told of the negative effect a cluttered life has on our mental health.

Too much clutter can cost you the sale of your home – Boomin found that 51% - half of buyers are deterred from purchasing a cluttered home.

What’s the answer? Well, if you’re looking to sell your home soon – bring forward the spring cleaning and get decluttering before you go on the market. The photographs online and on the house brochure will  look more appealing to buyers and on viewing day, ensure this is reflected in the tidiness of the home - viewings will be more productive and lead to offers.

By Debbie Bannister, Residential Sales Manager.

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Date posted: 10/02/2022 16:38:22

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