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Two auction platforms provide you with several options to tailor the ideal approach for your property. These options include:

  • No Fees for You to Pay: One platform charges the buyer all of the fees for selling meaning you pay nothing.
  • Control Over The Price: With an auction reserve, your property is never sold for less than you allow.
  • A Timeline Which Suits You: Your property gets sold fast following a brief period of marketing including block viewings. The buyer must complete within timescales set by you of 28 or 56 days, or longer if you decide.
  • A Committed Buyer: Who pays you a non-refundable deposit/reservation fee. They are financially committed to buying from you at an agreed price once their offer is accepted which forms an instant exchange of contracts.
  • Transparency and Competition: By choosing the auction route, the sale is transparent with bidding, encouraging all buyers to supersede ‘current’ offers, thus achieving best price.
  • Auction is a Method of Sale for all Property: Auctions are not limited to selling tenanted buy-to-lets, leased investment property or distressed property and you are invited to have a conversation with our auction team on 01474 369368 or email:
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