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MARRIOTS WHARFWe have seen a significant reduction in market activity this week, which is a normal reaction to summer holidays, which the ongoing heatwave/lovely weather, has exacerbated.  This seasonal change generally lasts 2-3 weeks, before returning to normal as the schools prepare to return.

We are aware many are becoming concerned about the ‘cost of living crisis’ and the ‘recession’ that we are told is looming - the media doing its best to scaremonger and talk the market down.

Despite this background concern, we continue to match buyers with property and as we still have an under supplied market, indicating the housing market is yet to be affected in Gravesend.

For most, the best thing is to remain on the market at the right price - as our statistics show that we are still agreeing sales around asking price (most being 100% of asking price) and our fall through rate continues to be much lower than the national average. Rather than making the recession a self-effacing prophecy, we continue to press forward and ensure we work as before until the market dictates otherwise.

If you have any queries or worries and would like to chat any issue through, please make contact with our knowledgeable sales staff on 01474 369368.

By Debbie Bannister

Residential Sales Manager

Date posted: 26/08/2022 10:51:54

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